Natural Honey and honey prpducts


Acacia, meadow and chestnut honey, during the season the hives are filled with a natural elixir of health


We collect it to enrich honey and increase the strength of immune-boosting products

Our Bees

We make sure that each hive lives without stress and that the natural rhythm of bees is not disturbed.

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Polja i livade 25, Grad Petrinja 5569 Monday– Friday : 8:00–16:00 + 385 98 744 998


Honey with pollen


How we produce honey
After a long and strenuous effort during the summer, the bees store supplies of honey to keep them through the winter. Bees often collect much larger amounts of honey than they need, if the year was good. So much so that the excess honey is often a few pounds of honey per hive. Beekeepers in warmer climates, with larger and more productive bees, can expect twice the yield. In order to better acquaint you with honey collection, we have described the procedure and prepared photos.


What say our customers

“Godinama se borim s alergijama i nakon što sam probala kombinaciju meda sa cvijetnim prahom, alerije su se smirile i mogu zaista potvrditi da je med pravi lijek za mnoge tegobe. Uvijek kupujem od provjerenih i domaćih proizvođača.” Ana, Rijeka

“Nakon navale lažnog meda i svakkavih sumnjivih proizvoda, ne pada mi na pamet kupovati nigdje drugdje osim kod bas gdje znam da je 100% prirodni med jedino što ću dobiti. ” Stjepan, Zagreb

About us

A tradition of honey and product production, more than 50 years long.

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